We treat your pet like we would our own

About Us

Rest Assured Pet Cremation was formed by David and Laura Hagey of Junction City, OR. They have been immersed in their pets all of their lives, and together they show, train, and occasionally breed their Mastiffs and French Bulldogs and enjoy a few other breeds as well. They also breed and show miniature horses.Their pets are as much a part of their family as any other member.

When faced with the occasional loss of their own pets, they realized how difficult it was to get pet-centered, sympathetic and affordable aftercare for them. A small seed of an idea was planted, and now it has blossomed into a very special and comforting service just for pets and their families.

David and Laura Hagey of Rest Assured Pet Cremation

Our Services

At Rest Assured Pet Cremation, we offer both private and communal cremation for pets up to 300 lbs. at our location in West Eugene near the airport.

Private cremation means the pet is placed individually into the cremation unit, and the remains are returned to the owner. Communal cremation is when several pets are cremated together at the same time, and remains are not returned. They are scattered on David & Laura’s farm outside of Junction City. Remains from a private cremation are returned in a floral tin unless a special urn is ordered.

We offer several different styles of urns and keepsake items, many handmade by local artisans. A good selection are featured here on our Urns and Keepsakes pages.

In the Eugene / Springfield area, we are blessed with several veterinarians who provide end of life services at your home. Working in conjunction with them, we are often able to coordinate picking up a pet after euthanasia. Please contact us for referral information.

Our prices include complimentary local pet pickup (home or veterinary clinic) and redelivery of remains to location of pickup, during afternoon business hours. Pets who pass away after hours may be taken to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Springfield, and we will pick up the pet for the owner during regular business hours. The pet may also be taken to its regular vet if they are available, and Rest Assured will pick up the pet for the owner there. Some clinics charge an additional fee for handling. Private cremation remains are returned to the veterinarian of choice or may be picked up at our office.